Everton Stakeholder Steering Group (ESSG)

As of July 7, 2022, the ESSG is no dissolved, leaving the Fan Advisory Board to take over the work.

We are a group of Everton fans, representing a variety of supporters groups and organisations.

Our goals are to create a Fan Advisory Board and have Fan Directors who have been elected through an open and transparent election.

The fallout of Project Big Picture in October 2020, the European Super League proposals in April 2021 and the UK Government’s subsequent Fan Led Review into Football Governance, highlighted the need to strengthen the role football fans have in the decision-making processes within football clubs, to ensure that:

  • the views of fans are embedded in the club’s strategic and commercial strategies;

  • the interests of the local community are protected; and

  • communication and engagement between the Board of the Football Club and its supporters is meaningful.

The ESSG is a group of Everton stakeholder groups, associations and societies that came together in June 2021, to consider the views of Evertonians and to develop a proposal for effective and meaningful fan representation at Board level at Everton Football Club. ESSG Terms of Reference

Our proposal was submitted to the Chief Executive of Everton Football Club on 8 December 2021, after the ESSG sought and considered the views of Evertonians drawn from a wide range of sources, including e-mail submissions to the Everton Fans’ Forum, a series of stakeholder workshops with fan group representatives, independent online forums and the results of a survey undertaken by Everton Football Club.

In all, this engagement embraced the views of more than 10,000 Evertonians.