The overwhelming feedback during the engagement phase is that Evertonians want to be listened to, understood and represented at the highest levels within the football club.

As a result of the feedback received, the ESSG recommends that Everton Football Clubs should:

  • Have Fan Directors on its Board of Directors who are accountable to, and elected by, Everton supporters.

  • Create a Fan Advisory Board representing the diversity of the fanbase and to ensure that the interests of Everton fans are considered in strategic decision making.

The proposal was submitted to the CEO of Everton Football Club on 8 December, 2021 and was discussed further at a meeting between the ESSG and CEO on 13 December, 2021. The CEO welcomed the proposal, committed to discussing Fan Directors at Board level with the Club Board and has asked the ESSG to further consider the creation and practicalities of a Fan Advisory Board.

Formal Proposal Document

Sent to Everton Football Club 8 December 2021

ESSG Effective Fan Representation Report (1).pdf